Member Stories & Interviews

Coming in March 2021


Now is your time to increase through the inspiration of every woman.


Otherhood Mentoring is a One-on-One program of member volunteers and girls through the community. Helping mentees shift their thinking, learning life-skills, and enjoy being a girl is the backbone of this program.

Girls in our Community will become the Women we live and work with. Girls who choose to be child-free, or mothers, can understand that living from their conscious femininity is an exciting way to be fully alive.


It is our hope, that as The Otherhood grows, we can support girl's and women's programs throughout the community and world. Organizations like women's colleges, afterschool programs, and scholarship opportunities that support progressive, feminist, business, and career ideas will all be considered.

When these programs begin, they will be based on our Otherhood Philosophy, Values, and the Child-free lifestyle.