The Collective Philosophy

We are Free to Be Child-Free

As the number of women choosing to life amazing lives free of children, The Childfree Collective is a safe, supportive, and expanding environment for every woman who would like to join the Tribe.

Women Thrive when Other Women Thrive

Our Community is based on the idea that Women help other Women, whether child-free or childbearing. We know that the Universe has enough room for powerful, successful, thriving women who work together to change the World. It is our hope 

Self-Care is the Key to Expansion

You Culture and Families teach us to give and in some cases, not receive.  The Childfree Collective Philosophy supports each member in their enjoyment of self-care so that an inspired and giving life can be lived.

We are Structured to Gather...and Give Back

Each of us is seeking a path of improvement, fun, adventure, and fulfillment. As we Gather, we grow. As we Grow, we connect and bring each other along. With our needs met, we can better give to the community and the world.