Chapter 1

Where it all began - and continues to support

About Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - is the charter group of 14 amazing members. Chapter 1 established dues, values, and ideas for what is The Childfree Collective. 

Chapter 1 also acts as the foundational committee for expanding The Childfree Collective in Colorado and other cities. And will help maintain the integrity of this wonderful community of childfree women and its support of a childfree lifestyle worldwide.


- Book Club

- Podcast Club

- Knitting & Beer

- Camping, Hiking, and Cultural Events

- Monthly Speakers

- Conversation: True Crime and Reality TV

WHY Community

A Woman's choice about living a child-free life may be based on a hundred different reasons - or just one. We offer education, fun, and friendship with free time in mind. We also make our group decisions to support the healing of the earth and the empowerment of women and feminism. 

"My life is free of diapers, screaming, and child directed decisions, how about yours?"


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