How do you express your love for life


 We care for our environment, earth, and it's natural resources. Otherhood Programs are based on the sustainability and healing of our world. Through environmental issues we empower girls and women by supporting: clean eating, vegetarianism, sober curiosity, and body positivity.

Each member should consider their personal values when participating in The Otherhood programs. We hope you find our policies in sync with your lifestyle.


Each member of The Otherhood may enjoy the events, programs, travel, and amazing opportunities. Every Excursion includes additional costs that members are responsible for.  All Excursions are supportive and expansive. You represent the group and each woman.


A Woman's choice about living a child-free life may be based on a hundred different reasons - or just one. We offer education, fun, and friendship with free time in mind. We also make our group decisions to support the healing of the earth and the empowerment of women and feminism. 

"My life is free of diapers, screaming, and child directed decisions, how about yours?"


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